We are dedicated, we believe that dedicated and experienced people are an important factor in any IT solution

Upgrade & Migration

Take advantage of the latest service delivery methodologies backed up by our TATAS talented technical experts. TATAS services consultants will work jointly with your resources and technical management to plan and execute upgrades to new versions or platforms from several vendors’ and product providers

Design & planning

Minimize implementation risks by partnering with TATAS consultants to design an optimal architecture and create a detailed implementation project plan addressing operational risks according to industry standard leading change management methodologies, to put that architecture into production.

Application Customization

Gain the most from your applications using assistance of our product experts during and after the application implementation. TATAS Service consultant will review your goals, current architecture, and delivery requirements to create a comprehensive customization plan in addition to assisting in carrying out the execution of this plan.

Design Review & Verification

Get technical expert’s second opinion on your architecture, designs, performance, and functionality.

TATAS Services consultants study every spect of your information assets configurations (devices, software, and platforms) in addition to the surrounding and underlying components, making recommendations and observations relevant to your environment versus your business goals to help you achieve them.

Configuration & Optimization

Ensure that your high-investment products are installed, configured and running as effectively as possible with the help of our TATAS services Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

This service provides necessary architectural reviews, product orientation sessions, and configurations fine-tuning to your operational needs.


Enhance the performance, avoid bottle-necks, and harden the security measurements of your investment with configuration optimization services.