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LMS Solution

Founded with an initial focus on the provision of software solutions and project management capability to the CIT services sector. In 2019, we made our first foray into eLearning and open source technology and have subsequently partnered with one of the largest open source learning technology providers in the middle east, “Smart Way”.

TATAS believes that Learning Management System (LMS)provides the backbone on which the workflow of education runs.


TATAS is  committed to creating bespoke learning and training environments by combining our technical expertise and our pedagogical partners. Much more than an eLearning solutions provider, TATAS guides you to define and implement a unique online learning experience, that will guarantee your learners’ engagement and a positive impact on your organization.

With Covid-19 crises, it’sbecoming a necessityto find out a safe and reliable user friendly solution to digitizethe education institutions

 Our LMS solution includes:

  •  Consultancy
  • Training
  •  Hosting
  •  Build & Design
  •  Support and Management
  •  Content creation