Internet of Things(IOT) , IaaS, SaaS & PaaS

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Internet of Things (IOT) , IaaS, SaaS & PaaS

TATAS provides full-range IoT services comprising consulting, development and implementation, analytics, support and evolution.
Whether you plan to launch an IoT initiative, upscale an existing IoT application or integrate your IoT solution with a legacy system – TATAS will work out a reliable and cost-effective way to address your business challenge.
TATAS helps you design an IoT platform or several platforms that include all necessary IT components (user apps, big data warehouses, machine learning, etc.) to support a smart, connected
product or a product family.
We develop IoT applications for software product companies including those engaged with the development of SaaS applications and smart products, as well as design, develop and implement IoT-capable enterprise applications.